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Native Shopping Ads

Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of content or within the content to create a more compelling visitor experience.

Amazon Native Shopping ads

They are available in three variants and three formats:

Variants: RecommendationSearch and Custom Ads

Formats: Grid, List, Strip

Relevant Recommendations

Show the most relevant products to your visitors

Flexible Placement Options

Place it at the end of content or within your content to enhance your editorial


Designed for a great experience on all device types – smartphones, tablets & desktops

Easy to implement

Set once and forget for ease of implementation

How to use Amazon Native Shopping ads?

Follow the steps below to put the ads in your website:

* If you have an existing Amazon associates account, you can get started right away. If not, you will need to apply for one first.

Step 1

Open this page & click on “Create Ad Code”. You can select from three ad types. This time I have selected “Search Ads”.

shopping ads
Step 2

On the next page, you have the option to select categories from which you want the products to be displayed.

  • Tracking ID: You can create a new tracking ID.
  • Choose the ad format
  • Choose the category
  • Type your search term
  • Edit the title

Advanced settings :

  • Choose size
  • Choose wether to show the search bar (above or below)
shopping ads
Step 3
  • Highlight and copy the HTML code which is automatically created
  • Paste it into the code for your website at the placement where you want the ads to show up.
  • That’s it. You are done. 
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