Whatever I like and what excites me - Part II

«… As you wish my child, but remember that you are going to share your knowledge with others… with your fellow human beings, with those you love and you care about them, with your friends, your family, the children you will bring one day to this world …

She shook her head again in annoyance as the last words of her father were running through her mind continually.

-Relax daddy, don’ t let the color of life fade.

He looked at her with concern… with a mysterious concern this time, coming out of his own mistakes, his passions, the unnecessary fear and pain … a tired concern that once met the foresight and since then his fear and pain began to diminish.

-Behind what you learn my daughter, there is sometimes the genuine and sometimes the fake knowledge. Always remembering my own sufferings, I wish you manage to distinguish both the genuine and the fake.

If you really love yourself … if you really respect yourself … you protect yourself.

Please stop, she said suddenly as a strange concern began to surround her…»  

protect, respect yourself
Right or Right?

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