If they knew that their greatest weakness is the excessive trust they show to others. If only they knew it… They would give themselves the respect they deserve and disappointment wouldn’t destroy their lives and their dreams.

But they don’t… and I hear their hearts complaining, looking for the lost love and the family unity that previously accompanied their everyday life.

They trust too much ... they are disappointed …

They trust too much again… and they are disappointed… over and over again!

Disappointment is so hard… it is capable of expelling the ethical values that preserve “enlightened” their existence.

And at some point, I am totally erased from their minds and their souls …

This time! … this time of their lives worries me more than any other. When they decide that “the injustice is healed with injustice.

She looked at the earth once again and then she started searching. She found them in various parts of the planet trying to survive

falling and rising… falling and rising…

Suddenly, she stopped searching.

Their number has been reduced a lot! she said. Most of them have quit. And what if …? And where… where will Love be born and raised?

Before she even managed to finish her thought, a quiet wind blew around her and left a small strange backpack in front of her feet. After that, it disappeared in a mysterious musical sound…» (…ongoing…)

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  • by Lexicolors
  • December 2017
  • Greek Language
  • English version coming soon...
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