Whatever I like and what excites me - Part I

Why do you keep telling me to choose what I am learning? Why? …

… And when years later, some people ask me how much knowledge do I have and how many skills have I gained, what am I going to answer them? That these are the only things I have learned, and these are the only skills I have developed, just because I have chosen only these to know?

He looked at his daughter with concern.

-Think of quality before quantity, my child. Think about all those things your memory collects every day. Which of them really help you to improve yourself and your life?

She shook her head in annoyance.

-I choose quantity, father. I want to learn a lot! The more I learn, the better I feel.

-Quality knowledge will help you move forward safely, my child. You will have fewer failures and frustrations in your life. Your time will flow through usefulness and creativity and will not be frittered away. Don’ t you care about this?

-Of course I do, but I don’t want to go through the process of making a choice … I find it tedious and boring to wake up every morning and ask myself  “what quality knowledge shall I gain today” …

” I prefer to learn what I like and what excites me. “

-As you wish my child, but remember that you are going to …”

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