Whatever I like and what excites me - Part 3


Whatever I like and what excites me - Part III

” Best Guardian “

Her father sighed with relief as he felt the need of his daughter to hear more from him.

-What fills our eyes with enthusiasm, is not necessarily useful my child. Be courageous and brave to look beyond the distinct, even if you know that what you see may disturb you, or disappoint you … a little, or a little bit more, even a lot. Remember that “you” can be the best guardian of yourself.

She shook her head positively. At that time, Love and Responsibility began to flood her thoughts and feelings. In the end, they managed to take the lead, surpassing the lack of foresight.

-I don’t like the fact that the coin has two sides. But it has them … and I can’t change that. Therefore, I have to learn how to look at both sides … without fear …  am I right dad? she asked, wearing a prudent smile on her lips and having a more matured facial expression.

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